As women we have busy lives, we’re moms, wives, partners, girlfriends, daughters, business owners, business professionals!

breathe and believe I know we get overwhelmed at the best of times, goodness I’ve had my fair share of it!

The truth of the matter is, we’re always so damn hard on ourselves! We’re always expecting ourselves to be perfect in so many ways for others! But guess what? Some days we feel out of control, we feel shitty! Be present to those feelings and just allow yourself to feel that way! But once you have, LET IT GO!

I spoke to a dear friend of mine today who told me she had a fight with her daughter yesterday, her daughter’s only about 8 years old, she’s a gorgeous little girl, but she was very disrespectful and rude towards her mother, hence the fight. My friend didn’t sleep last night; she was still upset; however this morning her daughter told her she slept really well! The moral of the story (I’m not condoning her daughter’s behaviour), but kids let go so easily! So should we!

Remember to just Breathe and Believe all will be fine in the end! The universe is always on your side!

Yours in Inspiration!

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