Only NEW Business Owners have the need to engage a Business Coach!

That’s simply not true!

You are an experience Business Owner and/ or Leader, you know your business, your industry and how to run, lead and manage your business! So you ask yourself why would you need a Business Coach, surely that’s just for NEW Business Owners starting out! Right?

Well that’s simply not true…

Growing Pains
As a seasoned business owner, you get to a point where your business is scaling up, you’re growing, your customers are happy, you’re truly starting to thrive in your business!

With the success that comes along with a growing business, there are also growing pains and you are finding that you’re juggling day to day operations, finances, systems, streamlining processes and introducing new processes, not to mention your own strategic plans!

So much to do! So little time!

Your Team
Then there’s leading your team! As the business grows and scales, they need more direction so they can keep up with this growth!

Your team enjoys the business success and the important part they have played in its growth, however the workload is increasing, they need to ensure they keep customers happy, that quality of service remains as you’re growing. If you’re a manufacturing or product based business, your product quality needs to continue even if increase in in production. Your team’s scrambling in some ways and looking to you for support and direction as their leader!

Working ON your Business
Whilst it’s all happening, you know in the back of your mind, you need to work ON the business! You find your working fay is too short, you start working longer hours to stay on top, and this eventually has an impact on your personal life as you find you work more and have less time for your loved ones!

Still think a Business Coach is only for new business owners?

No matter which stage of your business you’re at, it can get overwhelming and sometimes stressful, all for different reasons through different business stages.

Top Athletes
All the world top athletes have a number of coaches; they have a nutritionist, a performance coach, a mental coach! When they get to the top of their game, they don’t let any of those coaches go, they continue to use them because they know that’s what they need to stay at the top of their game! In fact, some athletes will start with one coach and ask they improve, they will add more specialist coaches to their portfolio.

Remember the athlete knows their sport discipline better than their coach, but what their coach know better than them, is how to review and see the obstacles from an external perspective and see what factors are holding them back and where they need to make the change to achieve acceleration in their sports discipline!

Business is no different!

When you scale up!
Scale up the people that support you as well!
In your Business Owner portfolio, you need an Accountant, a Marketer, an IT/ Software specialist, HR Specialist and the list goes on! Why not a specialist as Business Coach? As markets are changing, so are requirements for businesses.

Where to from here…

You know that you understand business! You know you understand YOUR business! But sometime when you are too close to things you’re just not able to see what roadblocks are in your way or why they are in your way.

That’s where the right Business Coach for you comes in!

The right Business Coach will be able to identify the following:

  • Your Leadership & Management Style
    This will help with Goals, Planning, Task Completion, Delegation, Performance Management, Motivation and Development priorities|

  • Communication Style
    Listening, verbal non-verbal and written communication

  • Team Behaviour Style
    How you function at the 4 Stages of Team Maturity. What is your impact on your team. Your preferred goals and your team role

The right Business Coach will not only be able to tell you your Leadership, Communication and Team Behaviour Styles, but will also be able to identify what and why you are driven in this way. Once we understand your ‘what’ and ‘why’, can we move forward to knowing how to help move you even further ahead!

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Yours in Inspiration!