Business Coaches knows more about YOUR Business than you do as the Business Owner!

That’s simply not true!

So the words “Business Coach” / “Business Mentor” has been thrown around in your network and you just don’t understand what value an external advisor could possibly bring to your business and industry when you’re pretty successful at what you do! Right? I agree as the Business Owner, CEO or GM you are the EXPERT when it comes to YOUR business and industry! But… as a Business Coach & Mentor I know that helping Grow Emotional Intelligent Leaders will help those leaders drive organisational success and further business success!

The reason you are in Business is because you figured out what you love and how to do it and do it really well!

However, the right Business Coach for YOU will use YOUR expertise of your business and help you identify the things that’s not working well, why it’s not working well, what the roadblocks are and help you navigate your way through this! The most effective way of doing this is to help you become an emotional intelligent leader!

IQ vs EQ
As leader, you have the IQ to set and write your plan, put the necessary things in place to action your plans and then achieve it! You require IQ for this, no doubt about it! But IQ needs to be matched with EQ (Emotional Quotient) for you to reach your goal as most often than not, your plans involve other people. Those people could be your team, your peers, your customers and when you involve other people some level of EQ needs to go into it!

Imagine using your IQ or technical skills only to explain something to a client when they don’t know the technical stuff, remember that’s the reason they come to you for your service, now is the time to focus on how you can hone your EQ skills to help you achieve your goals!

EQ will help drive organisational performance! 

Here’s some interesting statistics on EQ:

  1. Organisations that value and widely use EQ are 3.2x more effective at leadership development
  2. 80% of employees consider EQ crucial for developing their careers
    In an NZ market where it’s so tough to find great talent – EQ is the way for us to achieve keeping great talent and attracting new talent
  3. Only 30% of companies look for EQ during the hiring process
    Based on point no 1 above, we’re missing some great opportunity
  4. At Motorola manufacturing plant 93% of employees became more productive after the facility adopted stress-reduction and EQ programmes
  5. In a study of more than 2000 managers from 12 large organisations, 81% of the competencies that distinguished outstanding managers were related to EQ

You definitely know more than me about YOUR business and your superpower is the technical skills you require to make or sell your product and/ or service! However I work with successful businesses that’s keen to grow emotional intelligent leaders! That’s my superpower!

Let’s connect and have a conversation so I can share with you how growing emotional intelligence can help you achieve your goals!.
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Yours in Inspiration!