What has Ego and EQ got to do with effective Leadership you ask?

It’s simple! Those with an Ego don’t make the best leadership decisions, neither are they inspirational and they sure as heck don’t get any of their people to follow them!

You don’t think you have an ego? But as one becomes successful or rise through the ranks, suddenly others are more attentive to us, they agree more, perhaps laugh at some of our jokes, so your ‘ego’ gets stroked and makes you feel better. In some ways, it gives you a bit of ‘power’. Have you noticed any of this behaviour within yourself? Be truthful, you don’t need to share your thoughts with others.

Still don’t think you have an ego?

Let’s explore what it means if you don’t keep your ego in check:

Those things that used to be your ‘why’, the things that used to make you tick, those strong values you lived by, your perspective of those things starts to look different! Somehow your values become bent and twisted. You start making poor decisions, decisions which you defend only because you have the need to be right. That’s your ego talking! Not to mention how ego affects your relationship with your people, which inevitably start breaking down!

Keeping a check on your ego, will allow you to take a grip of yourself and hold those values true. I am sure you’ve watched someone on a ‘power trip’, that’s actually someone’s ego taking over and they start to lose touch with who they really are, they lose touch of who their people are, what their people need from them and ultimately often lose touch of their customers and important stakeholders. When these things happen, business success starts to dwindle.

Let’s look at EQ

I am sure by now you are asking yourself what that has got to do with being an effective Leader!

The reality is EQ or Emotional Intelligence/ Emotional Quotient helps you understand yourself better! And only once you have understanding of self, that’s when you have the ability to do the following:

  • Increase your Leadership abilities and truly become an effective leader
  • Help increase your team performance
  • Achieve increase in business performance and success
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Decrease stress
  • Increase your personal well-being

I would rather be Emotionally Intelligent to help myself and my people achieve their goals. It’s the only way to effectively and almost seamlessly lead organisations and their people!

Where to from here?

I know this article will not resonate with everyone and that’s okay because I believe everything in its own time.

If you do resonate with this article and you are looking for a Business Coach and Mentor that can help you let go of EGO and embrace your EQ and ultimately help you to achieve great success as a leader, reach out to me for a discussion at https://inspiretoevolve.setmore.com

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Yours in inspiration!

Transformational Coach