Give yourself permissionHard to believe we all have the ability to be and do what we want. If you don’t believe it, start by saying: “I give myself permission to be and do what I want”. Sometimes those simple words, resonate with our subconscious and we can end up doing just that!


None of us need the permission from another to be all we’d like to be and do all we’d like to do. Why do we wait for others to tell us what we want to be, what we want to do when we are the expert on us? STOP overthinking! STOP second guessing yourself! STOP the doubt! Take INSPIRED action! Want to know the difference between taking action and taking inspired action? It’s simple! Action is when your head is telling you, or other people, what you need to do and when. Inspired action is when you FEEL it is right to take action in a certain way. Sometimes the facts and figures may not stack up, but trust me, I’ve taken some inspired action without the facts and figures because it’s felt so incredibly right and it excited me beyond belief and it’s been a resounding success!


Remember when something feels good and right, we shift things… We are all made of vibrations, like radio frequencies and once you’re on that inspired action frequency where things feel right, you will continue to encounter things that feel right and you will continue to manifest amazing things for yourself! The more you’re on this amazing frequency; it’ll just continue to shift amazing and happy things for you!


You will also encounter the sceptics in your life, the ones that are not on the same frequency you are, and they will do all that they can to dissuade you that your plan will not work, that it’s lame, this is where you need to be strong and stay true to your inspired action you want to take, as long as you stay true to your own frequencies, you’ll do fantastic! The same people will start wondering in the not so distant future how you did it! But it’s simple, you’ll tell them, you followed your magic, you gave yourself permission to be and do what you wanted to J


With love and inspiration!



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