Why it’s important for Organisations and it’s Leaders to Mind their Ps & Qs

Ps & Qs - Most basic of Human Skills! It's called Good Manners!
Ps & Qs – Most basic of Human Skills! It’s called Good Manners!

What are YOUR values? What are your organisation’s values?
Do you even give your Ps & Qs a further thought? I hope you do!

It’s one of the most basic of Human Skills and simply good manners! We teach our kids this and sometimes we’re doing pretty poorly at it quite honestly!

Children & Teenagers
The number of children and teenagers that don’t say please or thank you is staggering! Yes I see that with those children and teenagers close to me too, I’m not immune to it at all! But I’m pretty straight forward about it, and will let them know it’s basic Human Skills and good manners to use your Ps and Qs and will get you further in life. I simply cannot stand it when someone does not have good manners and I know I’m not alone, I know many others feeling the same way.
In my previous career the services we provided was to children and their families and I expected all the children to say Please and Thank You! And I truly had hundreds of parents thank me of the years helping their little ones with the basics of good manners!

Adults & Leaders
But it’s even more staggering the number of adults that don’t have basic manners either! In an organization where you work with others, in an organization where you may be the leader of the organization or hold a leadership role! Ever wondered why your team is not on board with you, they are tardy doing some of the things that’s expected of them? Yes I agree an employee signs an agreement to do certain work as per their role profile and job description and in return they receive remuneration for their services, HOWEVER all humans like to be thanked for their contribution and be asked in a respectful way to do something!

As leaders we know what it was like being an employee, we all started that way, unless you’ve been born with that golden spoon! In fact, as I write that bit about the “golden spoon” I realise I have met and rubbed shoulders with some very influential people and guess what, they had good manners and said please and thank you! More so than the average Joe!

It’s not beneath any of us to have this basic of Human Skills called Good Manners!

Here’s a quick list of benefits of having good manners in an organisation:

  • Employees will be committed to you and will WANT to do things for you and go the extra mile
  • Employees will WANT to be around you and part of your organisation
  • Employees become LOYAL to you (remember PEOPLE are loyal to PEOPLE)
  • You’re able to builds stronger relationships all round
  • Increase sales – customers like those with good manners
  • Improves communication – others are likely to want to listen more intently as they value the good manners
  • Helps with receiving a promotion – your team is more likely to have peak performance reporting to someone with great Huma Skills and Good Manners

In a society where we are finding our “new norm” post-COVID, where it’s tough finding great talent, where it’s even tougher holding onto the great talent you have in your teams, having Human Skills and Good Manners will help immensely build strong relationships, creating loyal and committed teams and providing fabulous service and products to your client base!

I’m always open to exploring with you as leader the other benefits you can add to your Leadership Toolkit to be the best Leader in your organization!

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