I realise I have an inner “Jack-In-The-Box” and all she wants to do is be spontaneous, jump out and dance!

Inner jack in the boxI know she sometimes overwhelms some people, but most of the time everybody loves her. They love her because it’s a reflection of them. Like-minded people are drawn to us for various reasons, because they’re like us, because they would like to be like us, because they get good energy from us. Whatever the reason, it just makes me realise that’s my kind of people, that’s my tribe and those are the people whom I want to share and give a bit of my “Jack-In-The-Box” to.

I took a trip to Gold Coast, Australia, to attend a 3 day conference. I’ve been with the franchise group for 9 years and this was by far the best conference. My intention for this conference was to find my passion for our brand again, to reconnect with others and make new friendships and rekindle old friendships. Little did I know, this conference would give me so much more, it would give me back my “Jack-In-The-Box”, who was dancing from day one!

I had to do a presentation with fellow colleagues and the night before I hit a blank and wasn’t clear on what direction I wanted to take my speech, I knew I wanted to motivate and inspire others. When it was time for me to talk, my “Jack-In-The-Box” just appeared! She never let me down and I could sense she was in her element as she was working her magic with the delegates at the conference. Who knew I had this in me? My spontaneity, coupled with my passion inspired my “Jack-In-The-Box” to just be herself!

I had many approach me after the conference, telling me how inspirational I was and asked if I could talk to their staff with the same passion, motivation and inspiration! My “Jack-In-The-Box” felt so humbled, this was the best compliment to be paid because it means she will have another opportunity to do what she loves, inspire others. At the end of the conference I was awarded with a “Most Enthusiastic” award, now she was really dancing!

Why did all of this fall into place? Because I was being true to myself, true to my “Jack-In-The-Box”! We all have a “Jack-In-The-Box” that is trying to pop the lid of that box. It could be that your “Jack-In-The-Box” seeks a healthy self-esteem, seeks confidence, seeks empowerment, seeks transformation, and seeks to evolve but not quite sure how to go about this when out of the box. Not everyone will be a spontaneous-jack-in-the-box type of person, but that’s not really the point. The point is to find your Jack-In-The-Box as that will open your doors to what you desire, it will help you make that career change and get your dream job, it’ll help you to gain the confidence and get out there to meet new people and make new friends, it’ll help you turn your relationships into amazing relationships. It’ll help you express your creativity and sing, dance, paint, sculpt or write! Our inner “Jack-In-The-Box” was not meant to be hidden from ourselves or the rest of the world. It’s meant to be shared with those you love and the rest of the world.

My Jack-In-The-Box helped me conquer my fear of snakes! I went to Australia zoo and petted and held a snake, it was all curled around my neck. What an amazing experience!

How do you know if your “Jack-In-The-Box” has been set free? You’ll have a feeling of happiness, joy, inner peace and you will start finding doors are opening for you, positive things will happen for you, you’ll start manifesting the things you want, your life will be turning out the way you have always wanted it to.

My “Jack-In-The-Box” has certainly help me overcome adversity and have helped me be my true happy, joyful, spontaneous, truly happy and by far the best version of myself! Thank you “Jack-In-The-Box”!

Top 3 Tips to release your “Jack-In-The-Box”:
  1. Do the things that makes your heart sing
  2. If it feels right, go with it
  3. Live in the now – be present
Thought for the week…

“It’s my “Jack-In-The-Box” – I decide how and when I’m going to make her jump, dance and have fun…”

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